Building a Spring Salmon Bowl

Building a Spring Salmon Bowl

‘Glow Bowl’ How-To

Seared Salmon with Spring Vegetables and Pickled Cabbage

Quickly fix this Seared Salmon Rice Bowl for an easy, healthy lunch idea

Quickly fix this Seared Salmon Rice Bowl for an easy, healthy lunch idea


If you didn’t know, Phoenix, Arizona is HOT come spring. Standing over a stove or cranking up the oven aren’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do in the kitchen, come June and July, so I tend to adjust my cooking style. Now that the weather is warming up, I usually opt for light, healthy meals that are easy to make, yet just as satisfying and delicious.

This Salmon Rice bowl is just one of my many Glow Bowls that satisfies with minimal effort. It’s super healthy and comes together in minutes.


Now, this post isn’t necessarily about making salmon, (although I do have a handy video). It is, however an opportunity for you to build the perfect combination of flavors in said “Glow Bowl”. Following this method gives you all the flavors and textures that make these bowls so delicious without sacrificing the health factor or loading up on empty carbs. It teaches the average home cook how to use flavors and ingredients properly and effectively. I’ve even made a handy info-graphic that will help you build a bowl no matter how creative you choose to get with the ingredients!

There are some tips and tricks to getting the flavors right so let’s talk about those for a moment:

Scan the fridge before you begin! Take inventory of what you’ve got and chances are, you have some sort of combination that will turn into a great bowl. Use up leftovers. Take a look in your pantry to see what kinds of grains you’ve got on hand. What kinds of toppings could you use? Taking a moment to think about this will help you come up with something you can make without needing to plan ahead, shop for dinner or stress about. Bonus: using up what you’ve got helps reduce waste.

Grains - You want to pick your grains carefully. They should taste good, but they should also do work for you. Choosing smart grains and starches are beneficial for you and if you pair them with the right ingredients, they taste absolutely magical.

Proteins - Choosing proteins are a cinch. You don’t HAVE to have meat in every dish to get your protein fix. If you haven’t gone shopping in a while or don’t have any meat in the fridge, add an egg or use tofu, and call it “Meatless Monday/Tuesday/Sunday/Whatever-day.'“ Lentils are a super underrated protein that are high in fiber and have so many healthy benefits in addition to being flavorful and very filling, while being low in fat naturally.

Veggies - Whenever I decide what vegetables I’m going to put in my bowl, I usually scan what’s in my fridge. What I find will usually determine what style bowl I’m making. If I find cucumbers, tomatoes and olives, I’ll most likely be making a Mediterranean bowl. If I’ve got cilantro, carrots, red peppers and radishes I’ll probably go for a Vietnamese style noodle bowl. Eggs, mushrooms and broccoli? Make a Korean Bibimbop bowl!

Saucing it Up - I will always add a little burst of something acidic or creamy to take my Glow Bowls to next level yum. Adding a squeeze of lemon or lime, mixing an easy vinaigrette, making a quick peanut sauce or using a bit of sriracha can make all the difference. Don’t skip on adding a light and refreshing burst of acid to your bowl!

Give it Crunch - Creating texture in a glow bowl can be important. If all of your ingredients have the same texture and feel, you might find it a little boring and unappetizing. Add some crunchy almonds or dehydrated corn for texture.

Garnish Smart - If you ask me, one of the saddest things I hear is when someone doesn’t garnish at all or thinks that garnishes are just for aesthetic reasons. Garnishes are important and they serve a purpose! Garnishes add flavor, texture and usually make the bowl as good as it can be. Adding sesame seeds to a middle eastern or asian dish really brings out the nutty flavors. Cilantro in a Latin, Thai or Vietnamese bowl is practically essential for flavor… and well… you should get the idea by now.

Glow Bowl.png

I have a couple examples of Glow Bowls I’ve made using these techniques so you can see how easy it is to combine ingredients in your pantry to create awesome bowls! Top Left:


Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know to make a better Glow Bowl… how about a simple and easy recipe to get you started?

This recipe is perfect for spring, super healthy and comes together in minutes! I’ve even attached my YouTube Video for “How to Sear Salmon.” So, you can make a salmon dinner the night before and build your bowl for lunch or dinner the next day! Perfect when you are strapped for time, yet still wanting to eat healthy-ish, clean food.



Salmon Glow Bowl with Spring Veggies and Pickled Cabbage

Serves 1

Prep - 10 Min

Cook Time - 10 Min


3 oz cooked Salmon

1/2 C cooked brown rice - If you’re lazy, buy this rice here or here

1/2 C cooked spring peas

3/4 C sauteed broccoli

1tsp sesame oil

1tsp olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

1/8 tsp garlic powder

Lisa’s Pickled Cabbage/kimchi/other pickles of choice

lemon slices

1 tsp white and black sesame seeds

Sriracha to taste


Heat or make brown rice according to package instructions. Set aside. On medium-high heat, add sesame oil and olive oil to a medium saucepan. When heated, add broccoli florets and season to taste with salt, pepper and a pinch of garlic powder. Saute until al-dente and charred in bits around the tops. Remove and set aside. Add peas to the pan along with 2 tbs water. When water has evaporated, season with salt and pepper and set aside. If using leftover salmon, add cooked salmon and heat until just warmed through. Remove.

In a bowl, arrange rice, salmon, broccoli and peas. Add pickles. Garnish with lemons, sesame seeds and chili sauce.


Ok, seriously, how easy was that? I know you will be making the BEST bowls and I want to see them all! Please share your creations with me using the hashtag #sevenspicelife so I can be amazed and inspired!


Print the Seared Salmon Recipe Here!

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